about the blog.

iamcamtaylor and this is my blog. it’s about theory, harmony, pitch, intonation, numbers, geometry and temperament, and how they all apply to music.

hopefully this will help any of those curious enough to venture outside of the 12-tone equal temperament cage to find their footing and try a few things they might like. or hate.

my main focus is on meantone tunings and how they relate to how most of us think about music, but i’ll also discuss a bit of history, use some very basic maths (fractions, arithmetic, the stuff you learned when you were 12) to help us understand scale structure, and try and bring ancient tuning theory and modern 12EDO theory together to help broaden how we can think about music, and new directions.

comments and questions, fire away. this is as much about my ideas as anyone else’s, hopefully some teaching and learning and interdisciplinary thinking can get done!

i know i’m probably skipping out a few steps in explaining everything from scratch, because i figured those who want to read this don’t mind either reading up or figuring a coupe of things out for themselves, and don’t want to be lectured in the stuff they already know. things may start out simple and get complex, but i promise there won’t be too much mathsy talk (besides a few numbers)!

hope you can pop in now and again, and to finish with a cheesy pun, stay tuned in some way or other

here and here are my soundcloud pages for some of this theory in practice.

if you’re interested in discussion about everything related to alternate tunings, try here



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